DIRI Board of Directors Agendas

To request a copy of an agenda for any meeting please send a request to bod-admin@rolf.org.

DIRI Governance Policy 9.0: Agenda Planning and Electronic Communication

Agendas will be prepared with the following limitations:

  1. Board meeting agendas are prepared and distributed by the Board Chairperson.
  2. A Board member may submit an item for Board discussion to the Board Chair person later than five (5) calendar days before the Board meeting. The President shall not deny discussion of an item submitted for the agenda that falls within issues that clearly belong to the Board to decide or to monitor according to Board policy.
  3. Agendas and reports are distributed at least three (3) calendar days in advance of each regularly scheduled Board meeting. Distribution is by electronic means.
  4. Meeting minutes are prepared and distributed by the Secretary. Minutes are distributed to all Board members no later than fourteen (14) calendar days after each meeting.
  5. The Secretary distributes the Minutes to the Executive Director and appropriate staff for distribution to the permanent record and posting to the website for member access within seven (7) days of Board approval.
  6. Virtual Attendance at Meetings. Board members may attend Board meetings and committee meetings through electronic means. Electronic attendance shall be live and in real time so Board members can participate in discussions and voting.
  7. Electronic Communications. The Board may conduct business and hold official votes via electronic communications as necessary. Motions approved entirely by electronic voting (e-mail) will be confirmed during the next regularly scheduled Board meeting.
  8. The Board has the following expectations of individual Board members – attendance, communication with constituency, have access to e-mail, timeliness of response to issues/questions, be responsible for accepted commitments, have tolerance of diversity and minority opinions.

(RISI Aug. 20-22 1996)  Adopted: October 16, 2015