Research Intro

The Dr. Ida Rolf Institute® (DIRI) is invested in supporting high-quality scientific and clinical research which validates and expands knowledge of Dr. Rolf’s foundational work in defining and practicing structural integration. The DIRI Research Committee solicits and evaluates research proposals from experienced and new investigators for potential financial support from DIRI. The following guidelines outline the process for grant application submission, acceptance, review, and approval:
Please contact the DIRI Research Committee early on to discuss potential research funding and application ( Members of the DIRI Research Committee will be available for consultation as a prospective investigator prepares his/her project ideas to arrive at the point of submitting a funding application. Members of the DIRI Research Committee will not participate in writing or preparing short proposals or funding applications.
The following attachments will help you in your funding quest and in helping your review of your own research design idea.

    Research Project Development

    Grant Application Guide

    Short Proposal Guide

  Research Funding

  Conflict of Interest