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Just as Rolfing can transform a client's life, so too does it profoundly change our students. Indeed, it is the fire in their belly that motivates them every day onward — to continue practicing, questioning, studying — to make themselves, and their world, a better place. 

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Briah Anson: Rolfing Structural Integration—Empower Yourself and Your Clients

The Rolfing® series delivers an approach that produces results that are progressive beyond the last session for months and years to come.

NEW! Bulletin Board for Structural Integration Research

JUST LAUNCHED!!! Check Out Our New SI Research Bulletin Board!

Rolf Movement® Intensive Certification

Rolf Movement® Certification Training is a distinct and complementary program to the Rolfing® SI and Advanced Rolfing SI programs. Now you can become Rolf Movement® certified through intensive modules. Enroll now!

Student Clinic

Sessions are performed by students in their instructional phase of training under instructor supervision.

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Structure, Function, Integration. (Journal of the Dr. Ida Rolf Institute, formerly The Journal of Structural Integration)

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Deepen Your Experience of Gravity

June 2024

Nov 2023 Journal Cover

Rolfing SI: The People, The Profession

November 2023

An Invitation to Find Ease and Vitality with Gravity 

July 2023

Regional Study of the Pelvis

March 2023

Rolfing Structural Integration in Europe

November 2022


July 2022

Rolf Institute teacher points to the Iliac crest on a prop skeleton to teach students about anatomical structures and how they integrate within the practice of Rolfing Structural Integration.

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