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DIRI BiAnnual Report

The DIRI BiAnnual Report summarizes milestones, statistics and financials for 2017 -2018.

Veteran's Whole Health is a Priority of the Dr. Ida Rolf Institute!

Staffers Mary Contreras and Stephanie Bradley ran into Kevin Torres, Fox News 30 at the Denver Veteran’s Fair, August 15th. The VA is working with Congress to place new emphasis on complementary heath options for Veteran’s through their Whole Health Initiative. More than every before, this is a great time...

Congratulations to new board members!

The DIRI Board of Directors Chair, Rich Ennis, welcomes two new board members. This is the second term for Ritchie Mintz who will represent the Central Mountain region. We also welcome first time board member, Carole LaRochelle who will serve in the at large seat. To learn more about board members go to our board...

The Ida P Rolf Research Foundation Announces SI Case Study Competition for $500 Award

The Ida P. Rolf Research Foundation is dedicated to growing the symbiotic relationship between science and therapeutic practice and, with that aim, is offering awards for case reports of structural integration (SI) sessions...

Advanced Training Jan 13, 2020

Russell Stolzoff and Bethany Ward's training for Advanced Certification, starts Jan 13, 2020 in North Carolina

What it means to "Hold to Higher Standards"

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DIRI a sponsor at the 2020 IASI Symposium, March 26-29

DIRI to serve as a sponsor for March 26-29th, 2020 IASI Symposium in Portland, Oregon. We would love to see you there!

Dr. Ida Rolf Institute® approved to offer 600-hour Basic Rolfing® Structural Integration Certification in Atlanta, GA!

Congratulations to Libby Eason! After a lengthy process, the Dr. Ida Rolf Institute® has been approved to offer our 600-hour Regional Basic Rolfing® Structural Integration Certification in Atlanta, Georgia!

Conversations with Rolfing® Faculty Video Series

Watch brief, insightful videos of our faculty as they speak about the capacity for transformation and becoming a Rolfer.

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Sessions are performed by students in their instructional phase of training under instructor supervision.

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