Continuing Education



The Dr. Ida Rolf Institute® is committed to cultivating academic growth and therapeutic skills in all of its graduates. Continuing Education studies can cover a broad range of relevant subjects. Certified Rolfers™ may take workshops in specific manipulative techniques or may explore other related subjects such as CranioSacral Therapy or Visceral Manipulation. Some credit requirements can be met through approved mentoring programs.

Members receive bi-weekly announcements of workshops and training opportunities, or can find upcoming Continuing Education opportunities on the website.

These continuing education requirements are among the many ways in which the Rolf Institute maintains its high standards and demonstrates them to the community.

Required Intermediate CE Courses

Starting in 2017, within the list of CE courses offered, there are certain CE courses that will be required prior to enrolling in the Advanced Training program. These courses are designed to prepare Rolfers for the training that will lead to certification as an Advanced Rolfer. Of the 18 days required, 10 of the credits/days must be Required Intermediate CE and 5 of the credits/days must be in Rolf Movement®. The remaining 3 credits/days can be fulfilled through other CE courses offered by the Rolf Institute.