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Senate bill S168 is going to be advanced for a vote in the MA legislature on or before February 5. The bill is sponsored by Sen. Montigny and is purported to prevent human trafficking. Unfortunately, there is momentum for the bill to be passed/

All MA practitioners, please be prepared to contact your legislators as soon as possible.

Another bill has been put forward and heard in another committee. It is a Health Freedom bill, S665. This would require unlicensed practitioners to provide certain information to clients, but would not require them to have a state license. We believe it will be a good idea to contact the bill's sponsors to express your support for this bill.

There has not been any response to our request for exemption from massage board regulation.

AMTA is working with the legislature to create a board of massage therapy. KS currently has no state requirement for licensing. There will be a new draft coming soon, but the old draft has exemption language only for movement practices, and not for SI. An SI practitioner in KS is working to get licensure for SI included. If you practice in KS, please contact Libby Eason.. 

In Vermont, S.2270 has been introduced to establish a board of licensure for massage therapy. The office of Professional Licensing (OPR) has issued an opinion that registration would be the least restrictive form of regulation, and that all types of bodywork should be included in the licensing. Local practitioners are writing letters to the committee reviewing the bill and the recommendations from OPR. If you are an SI practitioner in VT, please contact Libby Eason.

Contact Libby Eason at or (404) 315-0099 for information and questions.

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