The Ida P Rolf Research Foundation Announces SI Case Study Competition for $500 Award

Call for Entries: Structural Integration Case Report Awards

The Ida P. Rolf Research Foundation is dedicated to growing the symbiotic relationship between science and therapeutic practice and, with that aim, is offering awards for case reports of structural integration (SI) sessions. Our intent is to promote scientific inquiry in the field of structural integration. There are many benefits to writing a case report, including:
  • The practitioner benefits from greater clarity in intention and deeper understanding of structural integration.
  • The practitioner and client benefit from specific, measurable outcomes.
  • The structural integration community benefits from better documentation of the work. The larger number of case studies collected, the more examples become available for future research.
All SI case studies submitted will be reviewed and receive feedback from scientists on the Foundation board. The top-rated reports will receive awards of up to $500. Half of that amount will be paid upon presentation of the study in a scientific or professional conference. The other half will be paid upon publication. Publication and presentation opportunities will be suggested to award winners.
Reports must meet specific guidelines and be received by December 31, 2019 to be considered for an award.
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Anita Boser, President
Ida P. Rolf Research Foundation

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