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Dear Membership,

The ethics committee serves the Rolfing community, protects the reputation of the Doctor Ida Rolf Institute, and supports members to engage in sound business practices and ethical professional relationships.

We would like to remind you that we are fellow Rolfers and are here for your support.

As state licensing requirements have increased, along with the demands for greater ethical accountability, so has the responsibility of the Institute as a thought leader in the field of Structural Integration. Our adoption of a revised code of ethics puts both the Institute and our members in a stronger position.  The new code, fashioned after the restorative justice model, is a significant advancement over our past Code of Ethics insofar as it spells out much more clearly the behavioral standards for practitioners, and the oversight requirements for DIRI Ethics Committee.

The ethics committee effectively helps members maintain the quality and integrity of their relationships with each other, their clients, and the public at large. We are at your disposal and can provide access to confidential consultation with a member or members of the committee or another experienced neutral party in the event of an ethical dilemma or difficult situation.  Please reach out to us if you have a situation that seems difficult; we may be able to help before things escalate.

We are always looking for help with the ethics committee; please reach out if you’d like to be involved.


Robin Graber, Chair

DIRI Ethics Committee



Contact the Ethics Committee Chair, Robin Graber                                                                                        File an Ethics Complaint