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Structural Integration:The Journal of The Rolf Institute®

Structural Integration: The Journal of the Rolf Institute® is the professional journal representing the field of Rolfing Structural Integration. It has been in continuous publication for some forty years, initially as The Bulletin of Structural Integration and later as Rolf Lines. The publication features articles on research, feature topics, practice building, faculty perspectives, and reviews of resources.

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March, 2015

This issue of Structural Integration: The Journal of the Rolf Institute®, Volume 43, No. 1 (March 2015) has a theme of Working with Performers. In the collection of articles on this theme, Rolfing practitioners, who are also dancers, actors, or singers, address the role Rolfing Structural Integration can play in enhancing performance in these disciplines through direct fascial manipulation, through movement integration, and through the therapeutic relationship. The issue also includes a number of other varied topics, among them articles on the tongue, lumbar / pelvic pain, structural aging, and the ongoing case-study research into Rolfing Structural Integration being carried out by Brazilian Rolfers™.


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