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Minnesota Vikings Star Receiver, Cris Carter's Key To Success, Rolfing Soft Tissue Manipulation®

Boulder, CO… On any day, watching a Viking's game, you may see wide receiver, Cris Carter runningwith speed, turning, throwing the ball and being tackled. Sure, you see the skill and endurance of this athlete but what you don't see is what makes him that way. Like any athlete he trains to be at his best but the key to his success is what he does outside the game to keep himself in the game.

Athletes like Minnesota Vikings, Capt. Of Offense, Cris Carter demand a lot from their bodies. Just last year a high ankle sprain took him out of the game, until he received help from Wayne Henningsgaard, his Certified Rolfer. Cris says, "Six physicians predicted I would be out of the game for five weeks with that high ankle sprain. Wayne had me back out in a week– I played the (Dec. '99) Green Bay game and within two weeks I was playing full force again and ran a 100 yard game."

"Rolfing is uniquely wholistic, it addresses both the primary and secondary areas of trauma to speed up the healing process," says Henningsgaard. "Cris ha d spasms and contractions in response to the injury, so I worked in the area around the injury to loosen the fascia or connective tissues, and the pain lifted."

Carter sees his Rolfer, Henningsgaard on a regular basis for injury prevention and recovery. Cris says, "I heard about Rolfing from another football player and have recommended Wayne to my other team members (Burroughs, Orlando and Williams). After I completed the 10 sessions, I started advanced Rolfing sessions on a regular basis to prevent injuries. I know when the body is toned and aligned it is less likely to injure. By increasing the flexibility and mobility in my muscles I can prevent injury and improve my chances of recovery if I do get hurt."

"Last year when Cris had the high ankle sprain," says Henningsgaard, "my wife, Sandy -- who is also a Certified Rolfer -- and I spent 3 hours weaving the fascia tissue back together. We didn't work directly on the ankle but on every other place that was injured in connection to that ankle. We took the tension out of it and re-aligned it. When the tension released, there was pain relief, circulation increased, healing took over, mobility and re-alignment returned. That was the key to his quick recovery."

Carter, an elite athlete has so much grace, strength and endurance. His toned, resilient body recovers from injury faster than the average person's, but that's not all it takes. "I work with a few top football stars. The sports injuries these guys endure can take two years to heal if they don't get helped," says Henningsgaard. "The key reasons that Carter can snap back quickly from an injury are his athletic fitness and the Rolfing structural integration work he has sought out. Here's the reason why. After an injury, the spastic, contracted structures of our bodies hold on for dear life, and typically produce swelling, scar tissue and pain. Cris knows Rolfing releases this so he'll call me from the playing field to make an appointment to come in or send a buddy in to me after an injury. He also knows that regular sessions of soft tissue manipulation help to prevent injury."

Rolfing Takes It To Another Level, Beyond the Barrier Recently, when Cris Carter's hip was rotated, Henningsgaard rebalanced his body, by lengthening the spine. He took pressure off the nerves and restored range of motion at the hip joint by moving the leg. "Other therapies may not get the same results because Rolfing takes it to a barrier and a little beyond, waiting for it to release. We work effectively at a more intensive and profound level of manipulation," says Henningsgaard.