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Highlighted articles:

A Competitive Edge: Rolfing for Athletes
By Brad Jones
Courtesy of AdventuresNW.com
February 2014

Rolfing® Structural Integration
By Jeffrey Maitland, Ph.D
Courtesy of Massage Magazine
July 2012

Rolfing Revealed
By Lauren Viera
Courtesy of The Chicago Tribune
February 2010

I Tried It: Rolfing Structural Integration
by Debra Bokur
Courtesy of Healing Lifestyles magazine
July/August 2008

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome and Repetitive Stress Injuries: A Rolfer's Perspective
by Siana Goodwin
Courtesy of Massage & Bodywork magazine
December/January 2003

Rolfing for Runners
by Darrin Eisman
Courtesy of Rocky Mountain Sports magazine
April 2003

Cell Biology Meets Rolfing
by David Grimm
Courtesy of Science magazine
November 2007

Connections: Treating the Knee and Lower Extremities, Part I
by Art Riggs
Courtesy of Massage and Bodywork magazine
November/December 2008

All Wrapped Up: the Rolfing technique gets deep
by Melinda Copp
Courtesy of Massage Therapy Journal
Summer 2008

How Can I Treat a Pinched Nerve
by Adam Bible
Courtesy of Natural Health magazine
October 2008

Spiraling Babies
by Ray Bishop, Certified Advanced Rolfer™
Courtesy of Massage & Bodywork magazine
January 2007

Back In Style
by Heidi Julavits
Courtesy of Vogue magazine
March 2007

Creating a Children's Clinic in Your Town
by Karin Edwards
Structural Integration
September 2008

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