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Rolfing® Structural Integration as a Career

Thomas Walker and
Gale Loveitt

Certified Advanced Rolfers™
Steamboat Springs, CO

Thomas: "Rolfing is a profession through which we can help generate significant change in people's lives. It is delightful when clients rediscover life without the restrictions and pain they have felt for so long. One of our greatest joys is seeing the personal transformation in people who have had significant trauma, both physical and emotional, and hearing from athletes how much better they are performing. After years of chronic knee and back pain, one of our clients recently said," I didn't think it was possible to feel this good!" Professionally, it's exciting to be involved with the Rolf Institute and its members who are "pushing the envelope" and expanding on the foundations that Dr. Rolf created."

Gale: "We live in a community where people work and play hard, so there is a demand for our services. Our practice draws a diverse group of clients from coal miners and cowboys to Olympic medalists in both skiing and track and field. It's a profession we can take anywhere knowing there will be a demand for what we have to offer. We can schedule our days to allow for fun by working in the morning, ski or mountain bike or fish in midday, then work again in the late afternoon or evening, still making a significant income."

Bryan Devine
Certified Rolfer
Boulder, CO

"As a Massage therapist, I advanced my career by becoming a Rolfer. Learning the craft of Structural Integration is for the body worker a sign of commitment to excellence in one's field.  Massage therapists can gain a variety of valuable tools from a Rolfing training. The structural tools and the window with which to see structure and pattern will increase the depth of any practitioner. A body worker using Structural Integration can take a client to great depths of body awareness. Positive changes can be achieved on many levels, very rapidly. For body workers interested in an understanding of structure and function, the lessons of Dr. Rolf are profound.

The legacy of Dr. Rolf lives on at the Rolf Institute, and, is inspired by her life's work: the understanding of optimum human structure/function within the gravity field of the earth. The Rolf Institute is the place where this very thoughtful woman left not only her hand selected instructors but the use of her name. The quality of her choice has endured her passing and the expert level of teachers at the Rolf Institute is unsurpassed."

Kima M. Kraimer
Certified Rolfer
Rolf Movement® Practitioner
Traverse City, Michigan

"I always feel like a little magic happens when a client stands at the end of a session and a light bulb comes on showing something deep inside them makes sense.   When they later tell me how they handled some difficult situation differently and they know Rolfing had something to do with it, I smile knowing I am blessed to be a part of Dr. Rolf's lineage and to share this gift with whoever is drawn to it."

Wayne and Sandy Henningsgaard
Certified Advanced Rolfers
Stillwater, MN

"Rolfing for the Henningsgaards is based upon the applied perception of the actual position and motion of the skeletal-visceral and muscular systems of the body, in the context of the underlying myofascial web.  We take a direct approach to finding and releasing the actual myofascial restrictions, and monitoring the position and movements of the skeletal system to insure that balance to the body has been restored.

Within this practical application of the Rolfing® work, we work towards a practical vision of embodiment for each individual.  This is simply and basically threefold - First, a well-organized and grounded pelvis, where legs reach into and connect with the earth, the belly is energetically activated and emotional life engaged.  Second, a spine that is liberated from its restrictions, strengthened and lengthened as the center pole-axis of the body.  Third, diaphragm-shoulders, scapula and arms, that are fluid and vibrant in a horizontal-supportive stance that support the head and neck to span into the heavens, and work with the cranium to activate the fires of perception where intellectual life is engaged.

Because of the preciseness of this structural work we have been able to apply this approach to working with professional athletes, mainly professional football players with tremendous results in recovery from athletic injuries and restoration and improvement in grace, coordination, and speed in the body."

Allison Talacko
Certified  Rolfer
Toronto, ONT

"Ida Rolf's work continues to inspire me.  I find Rolfing to be a highly stimulating, thought provoking and a challenging career.  The continuing education workshops have always kept me up to date with current   developments and discoveries.  I have found that networking with other Rolfers has helped me to gain different outlooks and approaches to my work. 

Working with other people has enriched my life tremendously.  I find that with every client there is an exchange from which I always benefit.  Often my clients provide inspiration and encouragement to me. I enjoy empowering people and providing people with the necessary means to grow, discover and learn.  I feel so fortunate to be actively involved in a career that facilitates my own growth and is continuously challenging."

Pat Hughes and Leslie Renquist-Hughes
Certified Advanced Rolfers
Grand Junction, CO

"As practitioners we have found Rolfing to be incredibly engaging and challenging.  The opportunities that are now open to us in the forms of continuing education, practice development, and the ability to work with leading edge techniques are marvelous.  Our marketability has also increased dramatically as a result of completing our training at the Rolf Institute.  We now have the skills necessary to effectively work with a broad range of clientele with a consistently high degree of success. To us this is the secret to any successful practice, and it is the source of an immense amount of personal satisfaction.  Between the two of us we collectively have over 26 years of prior experience in the practice of massage and bodywork and because of our training from the Rolf Institute we are more excited about what we do now than ever before.  Whether you are interested in beginning a new career or want to expand your current skill level the exceptional trainings offered through the Rolf Institute may be for you."

Cathy Ulrich
Certified Advanced Rolfer
Rolf Movement Practitioner
Fort Collins, CO

"As a Physical Therapist with 18 years of experience, I can truly say that becoming a Rolfer has been the best thing I've ever done to improve my effectiveness in my work with clients.  Using a whole body approach provides me with the ability to create lasting and sometimes profound change.  I had been doing myofascial release for many years in my P.T. practice before studying Rolfing and often got good results, but symptoms would move or the treatment would not last.  I knew that there was a whole body effect, but I didn't feel that I had the understanding to work with it.  When I learned about Rolfing, I immediately set events in motion to begin the training and have always been extremely grateful that I did.  I have a thriving practice, sometimes with a waiting list of up to six months - all from word of mouth referrals - and I feel that I have the skills to empower my clients/patients to maintain good structural health.  I truly love doing this work."