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How Rolfing® SI Works

Male Rolfing client
Male Rolfing Client
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Theory and Principles of Rolfing Structural Integration

The Rolf Institute® of Structural Integration has continued Dr. Rolf's profound inquiry into how to enhance the whole person by organizing the body in gravity. Some of the more important developments of the work since Dr. Rolf's passing are also what now distinguishes Rolfing Structural Integration from all other forms of structural integration.

Some of these developments include:

Principles of Intervention

Central to the Rolfing training is the understanding and application of the Ten Series “Recipe” designed by Dr. Rolf. In recent years, the core principles on which the Ten Series is based have been articulated by the Rolf Institute faculty. By understanding these formative principles and their application, a Rolfing student learns to discern the necessary strategies for intervention which reflect the unique needs of each client.

Gentle Varied Touch

Imperative to the successful training of Rolfing students is the cultivation of a spectrum of touch. Rolfers are taught to sense not only the quality of the myofascial tissues they are working with but also develop skills in listening and engaging a depth of tissue which respects a client’s ease and receptivity. Although there may be levels of intensity in receiving this work, Rolfers have continued to develop a broad range of techniques that produce profound results with much less discomfort.

Joint Mobilization

The Rolf Institute faculty has created a range of soft tissue techniques which release the motion restrictions impeding integration of the body in its wholeness. These techniques increase Rolfers’ effectiveness in working with many common structural problems.

Personal Experience

Rolfing Structural Integration is a process of structural change that can affect the individual throughout all aspects of their life: physically, emotionally, and energetically. In this way, Rolfing SI is a holistic approach to personal transformation. As the physical structure realigns in the field of gravity, long-held areas of pain and discomfort are released. This in turn supports ease in breathing, movement and daily activities, which impact all aspects of every day life. Ultimately, each client’s individual experience plays a central role in Rolfing SI’s transformational aspects.

The Integration of Structure and Function through Rolf Movement® Integration

Our bodies are pliable. The way in which we move, work, play and relax shape our body structure and movement behaviors. Rolf Movement Integration is an approach which brings awareness to how we ‘live’ and ‘move’ in our bodies.

Often times, these patterns arise from long standing or unexamined beliefs about how we are supposed to move or breathe. Or they may emerge from injury or other impacts to our physical structures. We may not even be aware of these patterns which may be undermining the ease of movement in our lives. In addition to the structural transformative work of Rolfing manipulation, Rolf Movement work addresses these often unconscious patterns and facilitates awakening a lived experience of greater ease, grace and aliveness throughout our daily activities.

Rolf Movement Integration supports the full embodiment of the manipulative work. The integration of manipulation and movement is a unique blend and is a distinctive feature of the training at RISI.