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Is Rolfing® Structural Integration suitable for children?

A common misunderstanding about Rolfing SI is that its main value is in correcting long-standing structural patterns. However, Rolfing SI can also serve as an effective prophylactic measure to reverse potentially problematic patterns in children.

One of the things children learn from watching us is how we carry ourselves. They naturally imitate their parent's language, movement and other modes of expression. These patterns can be seen in family photos and are as much a part of a child's makeup as his or her hair color, height and predisposition to certain hereditary conditions. Rolfing SI can begin to correct patterns, such as hip imbalances, which may limit the child's development and mobility.

When children are injured from falls or minor accidents, they may seem fine on the outside, once the cut or bruise has healed. However, as Dr. Rolf pointed out, all healing is not really the same. Minor changes have taken place internally, in the injured connective tissue, joints and muscles. Small tears or pulls cause the tissue to thicken. Soon, muscles begin to adhere to each other and are less able to function as discrete entities. These changes may express themselves as a slight limp, lower energy, or a decrease in range of motion or strength.

Early intervention by a Rolfer™ who understands children’s unique needs can make a profound difference in a child's awareness, comfort level and self-esteem. The importance of receiving loving supportive touch, in and of itself, is immeasurably valuable to a developing child. And Rolfing SI can accomplish so much more, creating palpable change in the child's connective tissue matrix.

We’ve also found that having adolescents receive Rolfing SI during and after puberty (a time of great insecurity and emotional turmoil for most) frequently has a profound effect on a developing teenager’s awareness of and comfort with his or her rapidly changing body and mind, besides the obvious structural benefits of receiving Rolfing SI.